About Me

Hi there! My name is 鍾羽揚(Chung Yu-Yang), also known as Feather Chung in game-dev community. It’s because one of the character in my name means feather in Chinese.  :D

Being a child who log in to Earth at late 90’s, I spent most of my childhood on PC online games like Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, Mabinogi… etc. From then on, I realized the power of video games, and the thought of making games started to grow in my mind. I still miss the days when MMORPG is popular, these games influence me a lot, I’m grateful for catching up on that era!

After I entered college, I dived into programming and game design. I decided to establish a blog called 羽毛的電玩新手村 to share the knowledge I’ve learned. Although writing is sometimes more difficult than coding, I find it really satisfying to contribute to the game-dev community that lead me out of the dark.

I like to explore game ideas with small projects, most of the them are made with Unity Engine. Welcome to take a look at my itch.io page!